Automatic Gate


Enhance your lifestyle with motorised gates powered by Insight

Serving as both an invitation and protection,
your gate immediately indicates the style of the home it is protecting.
Shape, color, material: the choice is yours!
Not to mention easy to control for your daily comfort.


Making the right choice for your gate

The opening system depends on the layout of your gate entrance: clearance available inside and possible overlap outside.
Before choosing, check access to your home (on a slope, narrow...) Each gate has a solution!

automatic swing gate

Automatic Swing Gate


  • Traditional
  • Quick opening
  • Choice of opening direction: inwards or outwards
  • Compatible with slope opening

Automatic Sliding Gate


  • Modern
  • Attractive
  • Requires a horizontal clearance surface

Gate Operator for swing Gate

Roller Type Swing Gate Operator

roller type swing gate opner

Our ER series Roller type Swing Gate opener operates with gate up to 5m wide and 1200kg per leaf weight and designed to work even in case of intense usage and demanding environmental conditions. It is highly reliable, cost effective, and maintenance free 

Linear Type Swing Gate Operator

Complete range of electromechanical pistons for residential use, suitable for swing gate leaves up to 5 metres wide and weighing up to 500 kg. Our operators are unique and compact design specially designed for suits all type of swing gate also it is highly reliable, cost effective

Gate operator for sliding gate

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